HORIN mineral water

Negin-e-Zardkooh-e-Koohrang Company was registered in 2007 with the registration code of 236 and has been established in 2007 at a 17000-m2 field as a mineral water production using state-of-the-art technology as SACMI brand and a production capacity of 25000 bottle per hour. Since the best quality is always a priority, it has always done the best to produce the best quality as well as keeping quantity high. It has three brands: Uranus Respina and Hourin

Introducing Dimeh Spring
Dimeh Spring, located in the vicinity of Dimeh Village, is one of the scenic landscapes of Iran.

According to experts, the water of this spring is globally known as the best drinking water and has numerous benefits for the teeth and treatment of kidney stones.

Dimeh Spring, in fact, originates from Zayandehroud river. It is made up of several smaller springs that are flanked by amazing natural sceneries.

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