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TebMedTourism International Co. (TebMedTourism) began its activity in 2016 with the specialized medical tourism approach while paying attention to tourism and medical capabilities of Iran.

This complex is ready to provide desirable services to patients and tourist throughout the world while enjoying skillful specialists in medical, informatics, digital marketing, and tourism fields.

This company with the cooperation of more than 430 skillful physicians employed at 28 international specialized & sub-specialized hospitals and also 210 specialized medical centers is rendering medical services with the best quality.

TebMedTourism International company is ready to provide valuable services in medical-tourism fields with the cooperation of more than 100 hotels throughout Iran, in order to perform the World Tourism Organization’s slogan “services and equipment of developed countries with expenses of developing countries”.

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1st. Floor / No. 270 /Between Bagh & Azadi Alleyways / North Sohrevardi st. / Tehran / Iran نمایش شماره تماس https://tebmedtourism.com/

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